Inspire – It’s the thing I want most to do out of life

Inspire – It’s the thing I want most to do out of life

Inspire, that’s what I want to do.

My daughter asked me once “Is this one of your inspiring talks because I don’t want to cry.”

I’m inspired by love.  Self love and love for others.  I think service for others is the biggest gift you can give to someone without spending a dime, because I have very few dimes, but I want to give all my dimes for the success of other people.


inspire other people by helping them up

What’s funny is I got hooked to trying to inspire people.  I didn’t see it coming.  Never thought I was the type of person to inspire people, but I see it though.  I do inspire people around me.  Always being  so surprised because I don’t have a complete college education, and no worldly successes.  I am inspired by other people what they have done.

Guess through life I just learned a lot and I care less about what other people think and that makes me look more courageous.

So I take that small bit of power and I get other people at work take action on the things I want to see done. It blows my mind I can do this.

I really am no different than anyone, but I chose to start loving myself fully like I do my children and maybe that is the difference.

To be continued until I am inspired to.

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