Unlikeable and why I don’t like them and ways to change


Unlikeable and why I don’t like them and ways to change

Unlikeable.  When I think of other people that I DO NOT like, which is few, I think of how much they try to make themselves superior over other people.

I know I am one of the those likable people.  It is defiantly a talent I have learned, but also because I also listen and care about other people.  I don’t think I’m better and I think that I could always be wrong.  I really think that’s all it takes.  So let’s look deeper at these people and see what went wrong.

Judgemental Unlikeable

One aspect of being unlikeable is being judgmental.  It’s an opinion made into a fact.  Your opinion is not a fact.  In fact it’s disgusting to everyone around you.  With that way of thinking you are closed minded.  Though I’m sure you think you’re open minded and just those people that don’t agree with you are closed. HA. Cute.  No one wants to be judged so maybe that’s why you do it.  To beat them to the punch.

Close-minded Unlikeable

Close-minded people are soooo unlikeable.  People claim to be openminded all the time, yet they are unwilling to see that their views could broaden by listening to other people.  By putting their ego aside and really considering that they are NOT ALWAYS RIGHT you see the world in another perspective.  Your views change when you get a closer view into someone else’s life. Broaden your mind…. oh yeah the term… open minded.

Unlikeable Never Apologize

Unlikeable people never give an apology.  They go a long way.  They mend bridges and are a place for healing on both sides but so few honestly & humbly do it.  So why don’t we do it. Oh yeah that’s right, the ego the unlikable people hold so dear to their heart. Say your sorry you will be amazed how good you feel and the person you hurt.

And that’s it just my random thoughts of being unlikeable.  We don’t need to please everyone but let’s try a little better at not being an @$$#0!3.

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